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ConferencesWe maintain an active schedule of teaching conferences, scheduled from 12 to 1 p.m. daily Monday through Friday. Below is a listing of educational activities that are provided.

Core Curriculum Lecture Series

This is a once- to twice-weekly series of lecture topics intended to introduce the fellows to the literature of gastroenterology and provide an understanding of the pathophysiologic basis for gastrointestinal diseases and a broad range of affiliated topics including research, ethics, and genetics. Topics cover all areas required by the GI Core Curriculum. These sessions are assigned to all the fellows in rotation. In addition, faculty and outside speakers are invited to lecture on specific topics. These conferences are scheduled throughout the academic year. A “Nuts and Bolts” series of topics is covered in July and August annually.

Journal Club

On a rotating basis, one fellow per month will review all journals from a designated listing published over the last 1-2 months. One article is chosen for a detailed analysis, and several more that appear pertinent or interesting summarized with a 1-2 line synopsis of the findings. Fellows should critically discuss the article, key concepts, and clinical relevance, with special attention to research and statistical methodology.

Path Review

This conference is held every other month and consists of slide reviews with a brief didactic component. Faculty from the Department of Pathology serve as moderators. Topics range from colorectal neoplasia to cholestatic disorders amongst others.

GI Pathology CPC

The GI fellow will choose 3-4 cases with interesting pathology and present these in conjunction with the pathology resident. Pathology and Gastroenterology faculty will moderate. The fellow will prepare a brief discussion to be presented after the case and its pathology have been reviewed. This conference is held monthly.

Endo-Path CPC

On a monthly basis, the assigned fellow will select an average of 3-4 interesting endoscopic cases and their respective findings to present and discuss, review appropriate historical facts, differential diagnoses, work-up, and therapy. The focus will be on luminal gut diseases and correlation with endoscopic findings. Gastroenterology faculty will moderate.

GI - Radiology CPC

These sessions, generally held once a month in the Radiology conference room, cover interesting cases with pertinent radiographic findings and are presented by GI fellows in conjunction with residents of the Division of Radiology. Representative faculty from both GI and Radiology are present to moderate.

GI Oncology Multidisciplinary CPC

This will be held in the Cancer Center conference room. Faculty from the Department of Oncology serve as moderator. Responsibility for the case presentations rotates between various services; GI will be the assigned presenter approximately two to three times per year. This is an excellent clinicopathologic conference, with participation by GI, Oncology, Pathology, Radiation Oncology, and Surgery.

Tumor Board

Several times per year, GI fellows will participate and present at Tumor Board, incorporating teaching about GI tract malignancies into this multispecialty conference.

ConferencesERCP/EUS CPC

This series will be held monthly and presented by a senior fellow. The focus (ERCP vs EUS) will change on a rotating schedule. A review of the previous month’s ERCP or EUS cases is presented, with special emphasis on indications, findings, complications, and interpretation of cholangiograms and pancreaticograms, sonographic images and FNA/cytology results.

IBD Conference

This series of CPC-type conferences is held at 7:00am, one Wednesday per month. Fellows and faculty will prepare cases for presentation, pertaining to patients with challenging or difficult IBD management issues. Cases presented at this multispecialty conference will be discussed by members of the divisions of Colorectal Surgery, Pathology, and Radiology.

Pancreatic Cancer Conference

This multispecialty CPC-type conference starts at 7 a.m. two Wednesdays per month in the Radiation Oncology conference room. Presentation and management of all patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer are discussed at this series. Attendance at this conference is required of all 3rd year fellows pursuing Level 2 training in Advanced Endoscopy and is voluntary for others.

Morbidity and Mortality Conference (M&M)

Held once per month, fellows will offer brief case presentations on any GI consult team or procedure lab patient who died or sustained a complication while hospitalized. Representatives from other departments, pertinent to the case under discussion, will frequently be invited to participate to facilitate discussion. Emphasis will be placed on identification, prevention, and correction of medical errors, so as to promote quality assurance, and a culture of blame-free error reporting.

Research Conference

Held monthly, alll fellows and faculty will review the status of any ongoing research projects or review articles, help prepare for presentations at national level meetings, and discuss initiation of new research interests and help develop and assist the progress of ongoing projects. A didactic curriculum covering topics pertinent to clinical research, including study design, statistical analysis, IRB submission protocol, and paper writing, will be covered.

Board Review

This activity is not part of the scheduled GI lecture series, and participation is voluntary. It is organized by the fellows and kept as a true “club” activity. The GI division will support this activity by providing pertinent and up to date board review materials for use. This series assists Fellows in preparing for the ABIM Subspecialty Examination for Gastroenterology.

Administrative GI Conference

This conference is held quarterly, and is attended by all fellows and the Program Director; all faculty are invited to attend. All issues pertinent to the Fellowship program are discussed, e.g., the program’s effectiveness in achieving its goals and objectives, evaluation of external rotations, adequacy of resources, review and revision of the curriculum, etc.

GI Division Chief Meetings

Dr. Clarke meets quarterly with all the GI fellows to offer both clinical and administrative guidance. This is an ideal forum for fellows to have direct discussion regarding Division-level administrative issues, and to pursue clinical patient-based issues that would benefit from Dr. Clarke’s expertise in IBD and IBS. Fellows should come prepared to discuss their challenging cases.

Patient Safety Series

This series consists of a combination of didactic and experiential activities the fellow will participate in, generally held monthly. These activities help to support the GI Division’s and GMEC’s endorsement of instituting a culture of patient safety, and includes activities promoting system thinking, error analysis and prevention, and systems-level improvement.

Practice Management Curriculum

ACGME guidelines now state “Fellows must receive instruction in practice management relevant to gastroenterology”. A series of didactic experiences to cover many relevant topics will occur over the course of the academic year.

Internal Medicine Chief Rounds

These multi-specialty CPC-type conferences are held one Friday per month, and are moderated by the Chief of the Department of Internal Medicine.

Medical Grand Rounds

Held every Wednesday at noon, and organized by the core Internal Medicine program. No GI divisional conferences are scheduled during this time.


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