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First and second year nephrology fellows will be introduced to research design, statistics, interpretation of research studies, and critical review of the literature to acquire skills for lifelong learning.  They will also acquire the skills and knowledge to conduct ethical clinical research.  Fellows are expected to design, implement and complete their research project during the fellowship.  Furthermore, it is expected that each fellow will have an abstract of his/her work published and perhaps presented at one of the annual national nephrology meetings.

Poster Presentations from the Division of Nephrology and Hypertension

Peer-reviewed publications from the Division of Nephrology and Hypertension

Influence of maintenance steroids on graft outcomes in deceased donor kidney transplant recipients exposed to prolonged pre-transplant dialysis
Sureshkumar KK, Hussain SM, Thai NL, Marcus RJ
Transplant Proc 2013 Jan/Feb; 45(1): 99-101

Proteasome inhibition with bortesomib: An effective therapy for antibody mediated rejection after renal transplantation
Sureshkumar KK, Hussain SM, Marcus RJ, Ko TY, Khan AS, Tom K, Vivas CA, Parris G, Jasnosz KM, Thai NL
Clinical Nephrology 2012; 77(3): 246-253

Belatacept: A new biological agent for maintenance immunosuppression in kidney transplantation
Arora S, Tangirala B, Osadchuk L, Sureshkumar KK
Expert Opin on Biol Ther 2012; 12(7): 965-79

Treatment of antibody mediated rejection in kidney transplantation: A single center experience with a Bortezomib-based regimen
Nigos JG, Arora S, Nath P, Marcus RJ, Hussain SM, Ko TY, Sureshkumar KK
Exp Clin Transplant 2012 Dec; 10(6): 609-13

Effect of high dose erythropoietin on graft function following kidney transplantation: A randomized double-blind clinical trial
Sureshkumar KK, Hussain SA, Ko TY, Thai NL, Marcus RJ
Clin J Amer Soc Nephrol 2012 Sep; 7(9): 1498-1506

Relapsing acute kidney injury associated with pegfilgrastim
Arora S, Bhargava A, Jasnosz K, Clark B
Case Reports in Nephrology and Urology 2012; 2: 65-171

Metabolic acidosis and progression of chronic kidney disease: Incidence, pathogenesis, and therapeutic options
Ortega LM, Arora S
Nefrologia 2012; 32(6): 724-730

Kidney transplantation in hepatitis C positive recipients: Does type of induction influence outcomes?
Sureshkumar KK, Thai NL, Marcus RJ
Transplant Proc 2012 Jun; 44(5): 1262-64

Influence of induction modality on the outcome of deceased donor kidney transplant recipients discharged on steroid-free maintenance immunosuppression
Sureshkumar KK, Ngoc TL, Hussain SM, Ko TY, Marcus RJ
Transplantation 2012 Apr 27; 93(8): 799-805

Antibody mediated rejection in kidney transplantation: An update
Lucas, JG, Co J, Nwaogwugwu UT, Dosani I, Sureshkumar KK
Exper Opinion on Pharmacotherapy 2011; 12(4): 579-592

Does delayed graft function in the first kidney transplant influence graft outcome in a subsequent transplant?
Sureshkumar KK, Marcus RJ
Transplantation Proc 2011; 43(7): 2499-2501

Transplantation and the primary care physician
McGill RL, Ko TY
Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease, 2011 Nov; 18(6): 433-438

When is it reasonable to split pediatric en bloc kidneys for transplantation into two adults?
Sureshkumar KK, Patel A, Arora S, Marcus RJ
Transplantation Proceedings 2010 Nov; 42(9): 3521-3523

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