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Advanced Wound Healing and Lymphedema Center


Lymphedema is longstanding accumulation of protein-rich fluid in an extremity or other body part. This chronic swelling tends to progress over time and can cause other problems, such as infections. Lymphedema can be caused by any damage to lymphatic vessels or lymph nodes that impairs the the flow of the high protein fluid. Trauma, surgery, lymph node removal, radiation treatment, muscle paralysis, repeated infections, multiple or deep scars, chronic edema due to venous disease, or congenital alterations of lymph vessels or nodes can precipiate the accumulation of protein-rich fluid in the tissues. Many chronic wounds have a component of local or regional lymphedema that further slows healing. Addressing the swelling and performing good wound care results in improved wound healing and reduced pain. Our staff is trained in Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) to reduce swelling and manage this chronic disorder.

The Advanced Wound Healing and Lymphedema Center combines the skills of orthopaedic surgeons, vascular surgeons, plastic surgeons, endocrinologists, hyperbaric oxygen specialists, physical therapists and certified wound care and lymphedema professionals to provide an exceptional, multidisciplinary style of wound healing, follow-up care and health promotion. In fact, our center is one of the few clinics in the United States dedicated to both wound care and specialized treatment for lymphedema. Our staff will communicate treatment options with your family physician to ensure seamless, individualized care.

We use the most sophisticated equipment available for the evaluation and management of wounds that do not respond to traditional treatment methods. Our physicians can pinpoint high-pressure areas on the foot and determine the origin of foot wounds with the advanced F-scan computerized plantar pressure measurement system. Your physician can use F-scan results to prescribe special footwear and medical devices that will help prevent wound recurrences. In addition to mobility training and physical therapy, we also provide skilled radiology and vascular and hematology laboratory services. Patients may also be referred to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which enables red blood cells to deliver increased amounts of oxygen to wound tissue, promoting healing.

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