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Advanced Wound Healing and Lymphedema Center

Wound Types

Treatment of Diabetic Wounds with Neuropathy

More than 23 million Americans have diabetes, which is the leading cause of non-traumatic amputation in the United States. Diabetes can cause deformity and loss of sensation in the feet and create ulcers, which are the cause of most amputations. Our staff is trained to heal and prevent diabetic wounds with treatments such as routine foot care and eliminating excessive pressure on the foot.

Venous Wound Care

Sometimes our veins are unable to effectively return blood from the limbs to the heart. Such vein deficiencies can cause swelling and tissue breakdown in the extremities. Patients with venous wounds can be treated with a variety of techniques to control swelling in the feet and legs, including compression pumps, compression wraps and manual lymphatic drainage. Swelling control is essential to achieve and maintain healing of venous leg wounds.

Arterial/Ischemic Disease Management

When arterial problems prevent enough blood and oxygen from reaching the extremities, tissue death can occur. Our surgeons can remove dead skin and tissue to promote wound healing and can help restore blood flow to the damaged area.

Relief for Pressure Ulcers

Patients with decreased mobility and inability to change positions in bed or a chair may develop sores due to prolonged pressure. Our staff follows proven techniques to relieve pressure and to address other contributing factors. We use research-based wound care practices to promote healing to recommend a plan of care to prevent future ulcers.

Post-Surgical Healing

Patients who have recently undergone surgery and have incisions that have not healed within a reasonable time may require unique wound care services. Our advanced services can speed healing for these sometimes “difficult” wounds.

Solutions for Traumatic or Unusual Wounds

Wounds caused by accidents or events such as poisonous spider bites can cause severe infections without proper treatment. Our staff can evaluate your wound and provide medications and dressings to expedite the healing process.

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