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Bariatric Surgery

Weight Loss Tips

To lose weight, you must burn more calories than you take in by doing the following:

  • Eat less.
  • Increase your physical activity.
  • Change your eating habits.

Doing these things will prepare you for successful weight loss in two ways:

  • Losing weight prepares you physically for the surgery because losing weight reduces your chances of experiencing any surgical complications.
  • Losing weight will prepare you mentally for the lifestyle changes that must take place after your surgery.

Follow these "Quick Weight Loss Tips":

Eat Do Not Eat
Lean Meats-baked, grilled, broiled, or roasted-and Low-Fat Dairy
  • Chicken & turkey, fish & shellfish
  • Beef:  round, sirloin, flank, tenderloin, roast, ground round, 92% lean ground
  • Pork loin chop, tenderloin, ham
  • Lean deli meats
  • Skim or 1% milk
  • Cottage cheese & yogurt
  • Egg whites, Eggbeaters®
  • Macaroni & cheese
  • Pizza, pasta
  • Pop-Tarts®, bagels, doughnuts, or Danishes
  • Pierogies, potatoes
  • Ice cream, sherbet, or pudding
  • Cake, snack cakes (Hostess®, Little Debbie®, etc.)
  • Pie, pastries
  • Cookies, candy (all types), fudge
Vegetables & Fruits-ALL
  • Note: potatoes, corn, & peas are starches, not vegetables!
  • Note: choose the smallest pieces of fruit & avoid canned fruit in heavy syrup!
  • Fruit juice, Hi-C®, Kool-Aid®, Hawaiian Punch®
  • Regular soda, ice tea/green tea sweetened with sugar or honey
Starches and Whole Grains
  • Whole grain cereal in 1-cup portions, (like Wheat Chex®, Raisin Bran)
  • Legumes (kidney beans, chickpeas) & lentils
  • Sweet potato (size of clenched fist)
  • Oatmeal (1 packet, not 2)
  • Brown rice, 1-cup portion
  • Whole grain bread (1 sandwich, not 2!) like Brownberry Natural Wheat or Roman Meal Original High Fiber
  • Fast food - NONE!
  • Buffets - NEVER!
  • Fried food - NONE!
  • Fried chicken, chicken wings, chicken nuggets
  • Fried fish
  • French fries, hashbrowns, home fries, tater tots
  • Potato chips, cheese curls, Doritos®
  • Nuts, 2 Tblsp. portion
  • Olive or canola oil, 1 Tblsp. portion
  • Fat-free salad dressing, 2 Tblsp. portion
  • Creamy or cheesy soups or sauces
  • Sour cream, chip dip, regular mayo, regular salad dressings
  • Whole milk
  • High-fat meats, like
  • Kielbasa, hot dogs
  • Ribs
  • Pepperoni, salami, bologna
  • Sausage, bacon
  • Water & flavored water like Fruit2O®
  • Crystal Light®, Wyler’s Light, 4-C Light
  • Skim or 1% milk
  • Diet or unsweetened tea & green tea
  • Diet soda
Other good choices
  • Soup, especially broth-based
  • Lean Cuisine®, Smart One®, Healthy Choice® entrees
  • Protein bars (like Balance® & Slim Fast®)
  • Protein drinks (like Carnation® Instant Breakfast® & AdvantEdge®)



  • You will have more money to spend on lean meats, vegetables, and fruits when you’re not spending money on chips, ice cream, snack cakes, fast food, pizza delivery, and vending machines.
  • If you’re not convinced that you need to cut fast food out of your life, then go to any fast food restaurant’s web site and click on their “Nutrition Guide.” Or, when you’re in for an office visit, ask to see one of our “Fast Food & Restaurant Nutrition Information” binders. Then you will see for yourself how difficult it is to eat fast food and stick to any low calorie diet.
  • Even if you are eating the right foods, losing weight can still be hard if you’re eating too much. Cut the portion you normally eat in half. Do not go back for “seconds” of anything except vegetables. Use smaller plates and bowls to help. A food scale and measuring cups/spoons are not expensive and can help tremendously with decreasing portion sizes.
  • If eating out, cut your portion by half, then half again. Or, always share a meal when eating out.
  • Do not skip meals! Especially, do not skip breakfast! Eat something within 1-2 hours after waking, no matter what time that might be. Do not allow too much time (more than 4-6 hours) to go by between meals and become too hungry. Do not eat in between meals unless your stomach really growls. If it does, then have a yogurt, or a piece of fruit. Do not go to the vending machine.
  • Make sure you’re drinking at least 64oz., or 2 quarts, of liquid everyday. This should mostly be water, but it includes anything that is caffeine-free and non-carbonated too.
  • Pay attention to food labels, especially serving size and calories per serving.
  • Write down everything you eat and drink in your food diary. There are no right or wrong answers here. It is a self-monitoring tool for you. The more honest you are in writing down what you eat, the more beneficial the food diary will be to you. And remember the scale will always tell how truthful your food diary is.


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