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Cardiovascular Institute

Cardiac MRI test

A specially trained cardiologist experienced in the performance and interpretation of cardiac MRI tests will supervise your study along with an MRI technologist trained in cardiac MRI testing.

You will walk through a metal detector prior to entering the MRI scanner room. This is to check that no metallic objects are present on your person that will interfere with your cardiac MRI test. You will

be escorted by an MRI technologist into the room with the MRI scanner. This room has been specially designed to protect the scanner from outside magnetic fields. You will then be placed on a padded table. If you feel cold, the MRI technologist can give you a blanket. The MRI technologist will also give you a pair of earplugs. These earplugs will reduce the hammering noises that are produced by the scanner during the test. These noises occur with each test and you should not be fearful of them. Prior to the start of the test, the padded table will slide you into the MRI scanner. The MRI technologist will then return to the control room. You may have a friend stand outside the MRI scanner or even in the scan room while you undergo testing. This makes some people feel more relaxed.

Once the test begins, the cardiologist and MRI technologist will monitor you through the MRI scanner window as well as a camera located inside the MRI scanner. During the test, you will be connected to an EKG machine to monitor your heart rate and track your breathing. An intercom is also provided for two-way communication between you and the staff in the control room. The test requires that you remain very still while in the MRI scanner. Excessive movement by you may require repeating sets of images, only prolonging your test. Relaxation is the key to a successful MRI exam!

Your Cardiac MRI Test Results

Your cardiac MRI test is interpreted by a board-certified cardiologist who received highly specialized training and certification in the field of cardiac MRI. Your test results will be sent directly to the doctor who referred you: generally within 24 hours of test completion.

Will my medical insurance cover the costs of my Cardiac MRI test?

Health insurance policies differ with regard to coverage of a cardiac MRI test. Almost all carriers recognize the value of cardiac MRI and consequently will generally cover the test. Your primary care physician (PCP), cardiologist, and/or insurance company can help you determine your eligibility for coverage prior to scheduling this test. In general, a cardiac MRI test will be covered if you are referred here by your PCP or cardiologist.

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