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Cardiovascular Institute

Wound Healing and Lymphedema

Marous Center for Vascular Disease

Co-directors Stephen Conti, M.D. (center), and Satish Muluk, M.D. (right), examine a non-healing wound.

Allegheny General’s Advanced Wound Healing and Lymphedema Center is one of few in the U.S. dedicated to both wound care and specialized treatment for
lymphedema. The center’s team combines the expertise of health professionals from vascular surgery and orthopaedic surgery, as well as the disciplines of plastic
surgery, dermatology, endocrinology, physical therapy and nursing – resulting in a comprehensive approach to wound healing, limb preservation and follow-up
care that promotes a better quality of life.

The center’s professionals employ a variety of cutting-edge methods to evaluate and manage wounds that don’t respond to traditional treatments.

F-scan Computerized Plantar Measurement System

This technology pinpoints high-pressure areas on the foot and determines the origin of foot wounds. This allows specially designed footwear and medical devices to be prescribed to help prevent wound recurrences.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

These pressurized chambers deliver increased amounts of oxygen to difficult-to-heal wounds, promoting healing.

Compression Management

Patients with swelling have access to a wide array of techniques to control fluid accumulation, including sophisticated compression pumps, wraps and manual lymphatic drainage.

Growth-factor Therapy

Platelet-derived growth factor is released during the body’s normal reparative process and has been shown to promote a similar effect in non-healing
wounds. Allegheny wound specialists are working with advanced techniques to stimulate this effect using naturally circulating platelets.

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