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Neuroscience Institute

Brain Aneurysms and Hemorrhage

Our cerebrovascular neurosurgeons, stroke neurologists, and interventional neuroradiologists diagnose and treat the entire spectrum of hemorrhagic stroke including subarachnoid hemorrhage due to brain aneurysm and vascular malformations.

Brain aneurysms are a weakness in an artery wall or blood vessel that provides blood to the brain. As the artery wall weakens, possibly due to disease, injury or a birth defect, it begins to bulge and stretch, much like a balloon. The resulting thinned wall can rupture, causing bleeding inside the skull cavity resulting in severe headache and potentially life-threatening increase in pressure.

Patients at increased risk for the development of brain aneurysms may be considered for CT or MRI scanning, which create images of blood flow to the brain and surrounding arteries and blood vessels. These images are effective tools for identifying the size and location of brain aneurysms.

We provide comprehensive intracranial aneurysm evaluation and treatment, which may include conservative observation and surveillance, surgical clipping and endovascular coiling. Endovascular coiling has become a primary method of treatment for some aneurysms that previously carried high surgical risks.

The pre-treatment evaluation is dependent on the location and size of the aneurysm, as well as the health of the patient. Our care team has a wealth of diagnostic tools at its disposal, including MR perfusion/diffusion imaging, MR angiography, CT/ CT angiography, PET cerebral blood flow imaging and balloon occlusion testing.

Learn more about Brain Aneurysms in our Health Library.

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