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The Professional Team that Cares For Your Baby

A team of professionals, consisting of many members, will care for your baby. Knowing who they are and what they do can lessen the confusion of your first days at West Penn Hospital’s NICU.

  • Neonatologists are doctors specially trained to help newborns with medical problems.

  • Neonatal Nurse Practitioners and Physician’s Assistants have received special training in treating sick newborns and may manage the care of your baby along with the doctors.

  • The Neonatal Nurse Manager oversees all of the NICU’s day-to-day needs and is available to assist you with questions and concerns.

  • The Clinical Coordinator assists the Neonatal Nurse Manager and staff and is available for questions or concerns in the manager’s absence.

  • Neonatal Nurses provide individualized care and attention to your baby.

  • Respiratory Therapists help manage the care of babies in the nursery who need oxygen or a ventilator.

  • Social Workers help with the practical problems associated with your baby’s stay in the hospital, such as transportation and lodging. Social workers also assist with the feelings and worries you may experience at this time.

  • Case Managers help coordinate health services during your baby’s hospitalization and communicate with insurance companies regarding hospital or homecare services.

  • Developmental Specialists have special training in infant development and are able to educate you about developmentally appropriate activities, recognizing your baby’s cues and helping to ensure the most developmentally supportive environment possible. The developmental specialist also provides developmental evaluations after discharge for the Developmental Follow-up Program.

  • Clinical Secretaries answer the phone and refer you to your baby’s nurse, nurse practitioner or physician for information.

  • Support Service Associates keep the nursery environment clean and stock your baby’s bedside with the appropriate supplies and linens.

  • The Transport Team transports babies from hospitals in the tri-state area to the West Penn Hospital NICU by ambulance or helicopter. The team consists of a specially trained neonatal nurse and neonatal respiratory therapist.

Your infant may also be treated by one or more of the following specialists:

  • Cardiologists are physicians who care for heart problems.

  • Geneticists are physicians who study birth defects and their causes.

  • Infectious Disease Specialists are physicians who study the causes and treatment of diseases produced by different types of germs.

  • Neurologists are physicians who diagnose and treat brain, nerve and muscle problems.

  • Neurosurgeons are physicians who operate on the brain and spinal cord.

  • Ophthalmologists are physicians who diagnose and treat eye problems.

  • Pediatric Surgeons are physicians who specialize in performing surgical procedures on babies and older children.

  • Physical Therapists/Occupational Child Life Specialists have special training in bone and muscle function, and help babies develop normal movements and motor skills.

  • Radiologists are physicians who diagnose problems by studying pictures such as x-rays or sonograms.

  • Speech Therapists have special training in how sounds are produced. They also have special training in how the tongue, mouth, and face work together while taking liquids or food and swallowing.

  • The Audiologist is a specialist who performs the Newborn Screening Hearing Test.

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