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How to Pick a Running Shoe

Getting help from experts makes a difference.

Some things in life are best left to the experts. A good example is when you are looking for running shoes. When shopping for a proper running shoe, it’s important to visit a running specialty store. These stores are staffed by salespersons who are experienced in formal shoe fittings. Less experienced salespersons are not knowledgeable about things such as arch type, foot mechanics and shoe construction.

There are several factors to consider when shopping for a personalized running shoe. Like most people who run, you will fall into one of three categories: you’ll have a flat arch, medium arch or high arch. This has a bearing on the proper shoe for your feet. You will also need to consider how your feet pronate and supinate (the way your feet roll while you are running). In addition, you should choose a running shoe that’s a good match for your height and weight. Finally, you should pick a shoe that’s ideal for the type of surface you will be running on (e.g., trails, tracks, roads). An added benefit of visiting a specialty store: you will have an opportunity to test a shoe while running on a treadmill (a professional shoe fitter will evaluate your stride on video).

Runners World features an online questionnaire that explains the variables associated with picking a good running shoe. This online guide will evaluate your physiology, running experience and running mechanics—helping to steer you in the right direction for finding a proper running shoe.

In conclusion, shopping for a running shoe can be a frustrating experience if you do it on your own. Save yourself trouble by seeking a specialty store with the expertise to help meet your goals and needs. You may pay a little more money upfront, but you’ll potentially save thousands of dollars later on by preventing injuries from occurring. And once you find a model that works for you, stick with it!

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